What you will get


Advice on the development of the most suitable and possible real estate project in the location.


Size, quantity, selling price and building model that should be developed


Know the customer characteristics of the project, such as lifestyle, purchasing power, needs, etc.


Cash Flow shows cash flow, income-pay and profit from project development in the form of IRR / NPV / ROI / ROE and Maximum Equity Needed for Investment, etc.


A booklet with a CD summarizing issues to guide the development decisions of the project.

Service preparation Feasibility Study

Project feasibility study services of all types of housing, townhouses, condos, hotels, resorts, etc. Real estate project consultant service. In property development A comprehensive knowledge of marketing, legal, financial and physical characteristics of the project land is required in order to develop the project for maximum benefit.

The study of the feasibility of project development (Project Feasibility Study) is detailed as follows.

Study the possibility of location Including the physical characteristics of the project (Physical Feasibility Study)

Studying the legal feasibility study

Marketing Feasibility Study

Project Concept

Study financial feasibility study


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