Asia real estate cycle 2021

The arrival of 2021 may not shake off all the challenges of a pandemic-riddled economy, but it could quickly establish itself as a year where Asia Pacific enters a new cycle of real estate growth, innovation and investment. We expect real estate investment volumes to rise 15-20% in 2021, driven by continued growth in appetite for assets with income stability.

To access opportunity in an increasingly competitive and complex market, investors will need to adopt new strategies.

Read our 2021 Outlook Report to discover the key trends that will shape investment across the region.

Key themes include:

Opportunity in enhancements and value-add. A reimagining of outmoded assets and outdated space across all sectors may become a defining theme from 2021 onwards. We estimate that upwards of 40% of today’s office assets need some form of enhancement to stay relevant.

Demand for experiences matures. Business leaders are starting to realise that their businesses may never operate in the exact same way they did before COVID-19. In retail, we will see a continued acceleration of change with experience at the fore. Investment volumes to rise 15-20%. We expect stronger appetite for assets with income stability such as logistics, data centres and multi-family as well as a pick-up in hotel, retail and office investments to occur in tandem with economic recovery and potentially more clarity on the relevance of the office. We also expect investors to adjust portfolio allocations to increase diversification and more opportunistic and value-add investments.

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